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Balance your energies for healthier and happy living.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of movement of energy throughout the body.

It originates from two Greek words; 'kinesis' (motion ) and 'ology' (the study of).

Kinesiology is based on the knowledge that organs and muscles are connected through meridian energy lines which contain the life force (qi/chi). By testing the muscles that related to the meridians, a Kinesilogist can identify if there is any stress (stagnation or over flow of energy; any physical and energetic burdens) on the body. Kinesiology access into your energy systems and  allows your body to communicate while testing your muscles.

Why Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is one of natural medicine modality that treat person holistic way. It complement other treatment without any interaction. Often people visits Kinesiologist to know what is going on the body. For example, you feel something wrong but doctor or other health care professionals can not tell you what it is. Because, in some case, 'dis-ease'  (not ease) comes from emotion or energetic reason.  Kinesiology can identify the cause of dis-ease by tapping into energetic system and finding out the problem in physical, emotional even metaphysical level.

What happens in a Kinesiology Session?

During a Kinesiology session, we perform a technique called  muscle monitoring/test  which uses the muscle as a biofeedback tool to find out what stress (physical, mental or energetic burden to the body) may cause imbalance in the body.

Also depending the condition, we may ask you to do some exercise to see if there is any stress/problem in communication between the brain and body.

How Kinesiology works?

Once we identify possible cause, we ask the body hat it needs in terms of treatment strategy.

The treatment strategy is divided into main 4 key area of our health; structure, biochemical, emotional and energetic health. For example, if someone is showing stress/problem in biochemical health, treatment will focus on chemistry in the body; nutrition, allergy, sensitivity, digestive enzymes, vitamin mineral etc.

Depending on your condition, the treatment may involve gentle exercise and massage, nutrition, diet, herbs, flower essence, homeopathic remedies, crystals, colour, sound and counselling.       

Who is suitable for Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is suitable for everyone at any age who feels the body and mind are not quite harmonised for a long period of time. In other words, it is great for psycho-somatic symptoms/disorders that involve both mind and body that may include chronic pain, depression, anxiety, addictions, insomnia, digestive problem and skin problem.

We offer a variety of treatments. Yuki especially has an interest in treating people with an Eating Disorder, addictions and psychosis in conjunction with their medical treatment.