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Kinesiology Treatments

We Care

Kinesiology treatment offers various physical and psychological aliments that we experience  in our life at any age.  This may include: pain conditions, digestive issues, food allergy/sensitivity, menstrual problem, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, insomnia, trauma and so much more.  Also, Kinesiology treatments are great for supporting  the person who already has a chronic condition and is having conventional medical treatments.  This may have a synergistic effect that maximizes the result of other treatments, so there is  no interference with other medical treatments.

We also care for the whole family, especially the mother and father who have concerns about their children. Kinesiology will support you and your children's healthy growth and well being. 

As a part of series of Kinesiology treatment, Yuki will use her skill and knowledge from Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Beauty therapy, such as herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and diet,  homeopathic remedies, flower essences, iridology, aromatherapy, sound, crystal and colour healing.

Here below is just few list of what we can do with Kinesiology. Please feel free to ask questions via email to Yuki yukialchemyhealing@gmail.com about our treatment options.


Kinesiology full session

Balance your energy and feel relaxed

Are you looking for a relaxation treatment? Do you want to know what causes you stress?

Kinesiology can identify 'the stress' in your body that causes you some problem. The stress could be expressed by the body as pain, headaches, anger, frustration, anxiety, insomnia, emotional eating, etc. The stress could be anything physical or emotional such as posture, injury, past trauma (physical, or emotional), relationship, medication, supplements that disturbs the healthy energy flow around the body. By removing this stagnation or balancing the flow of energy, you may feel more relaxed and energised.

Kinesilogy for weight concern

Balance your weight and self image

Do you have weight concern? Or issue with self-image?
As we are living in a technology dominant society, we are exposed to so many information from media; TV, magazine, internet, SNS and advertisement.  We subconsciously have input this information to our belief system. Most of us feel fat  when we see skinny fashion models in the media, and then find weightless supplements that make us feeling we can be like them! But the reality is we may have a phone call from a friend to go for a drink, and having pizza, chips and beer, and forget about taking supplement.  
Kinesiology can balance your self image and your body weight by accessing your subconscious mind. What you believe could be a reflection of how you see yourself in the mirror.
We also focus on finding any blockages; why you can not lose weight, and what we can do for it.

Chakra balance Kinesiology

Healing Your Entire Body

Chakra is the energy centre in the body.  The Sanskrit word, Chakra is translated to 'wheel' or 'disk". It  is invisible, but shaped like wheel, spinning  vortex energy. There are 7 main Chakras along the spine; starting from the base of spine through to the crown of head. It is attached to the spine and closely related to the function of organs, glands and body parts associated with each Chakras. 
Chakra also contains information from Aura (subtle energetic field surrounded human body) that shows the past trauma.
For instance, someone who has a digestive issue may need balance for Solor plexus chakra where located middle of our body, area of digestive organs.  And this person may experiencing the symptoms get worse before exams or presentation when they feel anxious and stress. Beacuse this Chakra psychologically represents personal power, confidence and passion. So this person may had bad experience at exam /presentation in the past.
Kinesiology can identify which Chakra needs to be treated and its relation to each part of your body. And treatment will be using Crystals, sound, flower essence, essential oils, affirmation, visualization and/or colours. 
If you feel you are not connected  to your body and emotion, having unrealistic thoughts, obsessive behavior or having unsolved issue from past, then it is time to look after your Chakras.

Kinesiology Treatments for Eating disorder

Support your recovery journey

Eating disorders are a psychiatric illness that affects and harms people physically, psychologically and socially.  There are a few types of eating disorders that are identified: anorexia  nervosa,  bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder, plus other new categories as purging disorder, night eating syndrome and orthorexirexia (follow very strict diet/rouitine/rituals).

Unlike other addictions (drug, alcohol and smoking), eating disorder is hard to treat, because food is essential to nourish our body to function properly. Also, food is available for everyone 24/7 everywhere.

The main treatment for eating disorder is medication, counselling/psychotherapy and nutrition. But from my own experience, these treatments did not work for me because my body and mind were not ready to change.  Kinesiology treatment will gently open up the body and mind to shift for recovery.

When the body and mind are ready to change, we will offer you counselling/psychotherapies for your habitual change and goal setting, and then nutritional treatments to re-construct the body. 

 Through my own recovery journey, I have learned that true recovery is possible and I believe that everyone can recover from an eating disorder too. All treatments will be tailored individually by asking your body (unconscious mind) what you need for your recovery journey.

Kinesiology  for food allergy/sensitivity

What is the healthy food?

Do you or your loved ones have any reaction from specific foods? Do you want to know which healthy foods are best for you?

Kinesiology can identify the food that causes problems and what food is the best suited for you. 

Food allergies are immune reaction to unique protein components of a specific food. On the other hand, food intolerance do not involve the immune system at all.  It is a medical condition that induces serious reactions called anaphylaxis, hives, wheezing, swollen lips and face, these require immediate medical attention. Common food allergies are nuts, egg, milk and sea foods that are protein contain food. 

Food intolerance are triggered by various natural food chemicals and/or additive that cause some reactions. This often happens after exposure to allergen, that builds up an intolerance. The symptoms are mild to severe, such as recurrent hives and swellings, stomach and bowel irritation, and headaches. Some people may feel unwell like a flu, aches and pains, or unusually tired, run-down or moody. Children can be irritable and restless, with aggravation of behavior problems. babies can develop colicky irritable behavior, reflux, loose stools, eczema and/or nappy rashes. Common food intolerance that often diagnosed by doctor are gluten (wheat), lactose (milk sugar), fructose (fruits sugar) intolerance.

However, food sensitivity is often self-diagnosed and ignored to seek medical attention. Even if the symptoms are milder but distressing everyday grocery shopping and  meal preparation.  

Before you go on an organic, vegan or  vegetarian food diet or seeing a doctor to do expensive tests,  just take some time for a Kinesiology session to know what food is the healthy for you. 

Note; if you and your child have severe reactions from certain food in a minute, like hives around face and body, vomits, swollen lips, loss of conscious, please seek medical attention immediately or call 000 for an ambulance.

Kinesiology for Happy children

Children are all potential genius

Are you concerned about your child's development? Are you dealing with your child's leaning difficulty or ADHD? 
Every child is a potential genius.  Kinesiology can help and support your child's healthy development, both physically and emotionally. 
Sometimes, a child's behaviour could be challenging for the parents, teachers and anyone who look after them. But don't worry, there can be some reasons. It might be hidden emotions, such as  jealousy, anger and fear, some reaction from food and food additives, chemicals/toxins from environment or vaccination, medication and so on. Kinesiology can identify the cause by asking the body (unconscious level) using muscle test on the child or parents (surrogate muscle). Depending on the condition, we will also perform a few exercise tests to see the connection between the brain and body. 
As we care for the whole family, feel free to ask questions about what we can do for you and your family.

Our Kinesiology treatments will unlock your body’s healing potential.