Welcome to Naturopathy !
I am excited introducing Naturopathy as a part of my practice that can guide you to a wonderful journey of healing, self-discovery and well-being.
This system of healing is guided by the core principle of Natropathy "Healing of Power of Nature" .

We believe you all have innate power of healing, actually we all have equilibrium system in the body called Homeostasis; shivering when expose to cold, repair wounds and fight against pathogenic invaders (immune response).

To support you achieve your optimal health, we utilise nutrition, dietary counselling, herbal medicine, manual therapies, flower essences, life style education, homeopathy and other modalities to treat illness, restore balance and enhance your vitality.

As Naturopaths, we are committed to principle of "first do no harm" and choose safe and effective treatments with few or no side effects.

We encourage our clients to understand their strength and weakness and become actively involved in their own well-being.

Naturopath works with clients to create indivualised eating plans, offer lifestyle advice, and where appropriate to create personalised herbal mixtures and nutritional supplements or other natural medicine or therapies as needed.

Naturopathy treats acute and chronic illness as well as promoting optimal health .

Naturopaths work with their clients to recognise and eliminate the obstacles to achieving good health. This is achieved through stimiulating the body's innate self-healing ability with appropriate therapies and restoring the physiological balance within the body.

At Alchemy healing, we combine Naturopathy and Kinesiology, because I found Kinesiology can find out the root of problem and pick up appropriate and effective treatments much easier and faster. And results are profound that made my eyes open to body and mind medicine.

My Naturopathy is a tool to support the body to heal by itself. And I would like the clients to have the sense of well-being at three level, body, mind and soul.

This sense of well-being create perception of oneness, feeling we are all connected and part of nature.

Naturopathy use power of nature that help us to maintain our health and well-being.

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