Why Kinesiology?

I personally believe that the symptoms of 'disease or illness' is a physical expression of our body and mind.

When we tune into the body and listen to them, we can find what is the cause and how it can be fixed.

I have been looking for the method how to listen to the body and find out the best option to treat. Because we all have unique expression of gene and personality, body constitution and structure, and soul/life purpose. Therefore, the treatment should be personalized depending on its disease expression.

After studying Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Beauty therapy and Massage, I met Kinesiology that enable me to integrate all my knowledge and skill into my practice.

As Kinesiology access to subconscious mind through the muscle response, I am able to obtain information from the body and get whole picture of the person, which is usually required for hours or even few sessions. And the body tells me what need to be treated first.

Initially, it was hard to believe that the body has all answer.

By practicing with many clients, I gradually learn and knew why. The body stores all memory in the body cells, tissues, muscles and organs. Our body and mind are made of memory in DNA level, but we are not able to see it.

All our function, movement, emotion and thoughts come from memory that stored somewhere in the body. As we can not stop breathing consciously, our body functions; breathing, digestion, pumping heart, thinking are all controlled and balanced by our subconscious mind called homeostasis.

We usually think the brain is a key to control our body.

But muscle, organs, skin, bone and every our body parts renew, repair and restore by themselves without direction from the brain. Therefore, we often experience we understand on head, but the body does not move what we want that is called 'switching' in Kinesiology.

Kinesiology muscle monitoring/test can find this switching; contradiction between body and mind by accessing our body intelligence including brain as an organ.

What usually amazed me is how our body and mind are closely connected and never separate. And there is something integrate all functions of body and mind that making us a human, maybe it is called Soul.

Kinesiology is a good skill to have as a natural medicine practitioner.

Treatment become more effective and faster healing.

For the client, it is less time consuming and they can stop doctor shopping; visiting many medical profession, trying many therapy etc, as a result kind to their wallet !

Kinesiology is quite new modality started in mid 1960's and there is various type of Kinesiology.

There is few main stream of Kinesiology methods, but I find actual treatment of Kinesiology is varied from person to person.

My Kinesiology is based on Naturopathic way of treating person as a whole, at three level; body, mind and spirit. I use Kinesiology as an assessment tool to identify the cause of problem and the best treatment for the client.

I am eligible to practice as a Naturopth, but I call myself as a Kinesiology practitioner. Because I know Kinesiology is a great modality to bring insight about self, and self awareness about life that is ultimate goal of healing.

I want people to know what is Kinesiology, and experience this life changing treatment.

This is why I am practicing Kinesiology.

Thank you for your reading.




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