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Yuki Ono

Beauty Therapist

Yuki Ono is an experienced alternative and complementary medicine practitioner as well as a Beauty therapist at Alchemy Healing.

She is originally from Japan and has lived in Australia since 2012.

She studied and completed Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Diploma of Kinesiology and Diploma of Beauty therapy.

She is an accredit practitioner with ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society), and also a member of HMA (The Homeopathic Medical Association, U.K.) and JPHMA (Japan Homeopathic Medical Association).

Her passion is treating the person as a whole; body, mind and spirit. She has created her own original treatments in Kinesiology combining Naturopathic and Homeopathic medicine. Also, she loves vibrational healing, such as crystal, colour, sound and Reiki to create harmony in a physical, emotional and spiritual body. As she has interest in spiritual and shamanic practice, her perspective is holistic and spiritual. 

Yuki has a great understanding and extensive knowledge about eating disorders and mental health from her personal experience.

Please contact Yuki, if you have any question, and book her Kinesiology session today!

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Jason Lynch

Soul Psychotherapist


Jason is a professional counselor at Alchemy Healing and member of Psychotherapy and Counseling Federation of Australia (PACFA), and established a new counseling method 'Soul Psychotherapy'.

Also he is a teacher, has been teaching mental health and counseling skills to higher education students for many years. His knowledge and skills are from his studies in Master of Counseling, Master of International Education, Graduate Diploma-Adolescent Health and Welfare and Bachelor of Humanities and Social Science. 

Soul Psychotherapy works well on any mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, self-distracting behaviors.

Jason has great listening skills to make people comfortable to talk and express themselves from their heart. Also he has great understanding for someone who has undergone the soul journey through personal tragedy and loss from his experience. 



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