Four Seasons Wellness Centre

 Room 3, 305 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067

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Soul Pychotherapist

Jason Lynch

Jason Lynch is a clinical counselor specialiising in soul psychotherapy. He also has been teaching mental health and counseling skills to higher education students for many years. 

His knowledge and skills are from his studies in Master of Counseling, Master of International Education, Graduate Diploma-Adolescent Health and Welfare and Bachelor of Humanities and Social Science. 

Originally Jason is from Melbourne, but he has also spent many years overseas particularly Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and New York.

He has  lectured overseas, studied screen writing and narrative therapy. He also has an interest in Jungian and Existential therapies. While teaching narratives in Malaysia he came across Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey which impacted his direction in life.

Jason has great listening skills to make people conformable to talk and express themselves from their heart.  As he is compassionate and non-judgemental, he is very popular among many students who want to work in mental health area. 

Jason  offers psychotherapy sessions at Four Seasons Wellness Centre. 

He is a member of Psychotherapy and Counseling Federation of Australia (PACFA), and has established a new counseling method 'Soul Psychotherapy'.

Soul psychotherapy works well on any mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, self-distracting behaviors.

Jason has great understanding for someone who has undergone the soul journey through personal tragedy and loss from his experience, and he knows the need to develop your own life story. He specialises in imagination and the inner world such as dreams, myths, fairy tales, symbols and narratives. He also has an interest in how music, film and pop culture influence our lives and memories. All of this is part of our life story and soul journey. If you have any queries please contact Jason Lynch at shiningringlets@gmail.com