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About Soul Psychotherapy

Insight into your soul

Psychotherapy is referred to as a range of treatments to help with mental health issues, emotional distress or psychological disorders with or without out the aid of medication.

Psychotherapy itself stems from the Greek word Psyche which means soul or spirit. Therefore in Soul Psychotherapy the real treatment is the healing of the soul. This means the client needs to do a lot of self reflection and awareness, through talking, writing, guided mediation or dream work. However, it is different from hypnosis, as it requires the person to actively engage, although hypnotherapy can be part of psychotherapy.

Soul Psychotherapy is a safe treatment as it is client centred and works with the issues a client is comfortable with. The client has control and a voice during the sessions. Often addictions or negative behavioural patterns can be a result of a person lacking purpose or soul and are needing something to fill the empty void. The goal is for the client to find the cause of their maladjusted behaviours and to find their true voice.

At Alchemy Healing we act as a guide during the dark night of the soul journey and will assist you in your self discovery and life purpose.

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