Four Seasons Wellness Centre

 Room 3, 305 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067

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About the Therapist

Yuki  Ono

Hello, I am Yuki from Japan, a primary therapist in Alchemy Healing + Kinesiology.

I am a Kinesiology practitioner, also Naturopath, Homeopath and Beauty Therapist.

I have studied and practiced various natural therapies over ten years.

My first qualification in Australia was a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. I then completed a Diploma of Beauty therapy as I wanted to integrate knowledge of Naturopathy into Beauty Therapy. But still I wanted to learn therapeutic skills that can make a connection between the body and mind. Kinesiology is the best modality that treatment involves the whole aspect of our body, mind and spirit.

While I was studying Kinesiology, I worked as a Beauty therapist for two years at a busy spa in the city. This experience made me eager to practice Kinesiology as I had many customers who were suffering pain and/or discomfort in the body due to a stressful life style without any solutions. As we are living in a modernised society and not able to escape to ‘stress free’ world, we need to find ‘the balance’ in the body and mind in our day to day life. Kinesiology taught me what is a balanced state of body and mind, and to live happier even if life is busy and has stress.

My passion is treating the person as a whole no matter what the person was diagnosed. As a Kinesiology practitioner, I want to support and help people to live their own life full of energy filling happiness and joy.

As I had been suffering an eating disorder that destroyed my 20’s and early half of my 30’s, I totally understand about this illness through my real life experiences. Also, I understand why people have got anxiety, depression and other addictions, because most treatments are ignorant of the person’s core issue. All the symptoms are messages from our body (subconscious mind) that Kinesiology can reveal by

tapping into energetic body systems. 

From my experience, I personally believe that self-awareness is key for true healing. I will help you to listen to your body and mind to enable you achieve your own personal goal,  or just simply make you smile & laugh, feeling happier and more confident!

Please feel free to ask any questions about Kinesiology or me, and also how we can help you and support you to live happier and healthier.