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Alchemy Healing Kinesiology provides  holistic health care services; Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Counselling and Soul Psychotherapy.

We treat the person as a whole at three levels; body, mind and spirit.

We are specialised in mental health, care support and recovery.

Our holistic way of treatment is focused on the root of the problem and its realistic solution, rather than controlling and suppressing symptoms which medication alone does.

We believe most symptoms are signs from the body and subconscious mind, therefore we listen to your body, mind and soul.

We, at Alchemy Healing have a great understanding and compassion to support the recovery from eating disorders, addictions, depression and/or anxiety. Some of which stem from our own experiences.

We know medical treatment is temporary and a necessary stage to save lives.

But in the long run, we need a clear guidance and solution to live our own life and future.

We will find the best solution and work for the future with you.

And we aim to guide you to be the best version of yourself by gaining insight from your body, mind and soul.

As Yuki is qualified and trained as a Naturopath, Homeopath, Beauty therapist and Kinesiologist; she will consider various aspects of your body including mind and soul.

Depending on your needs and condition, she will customise a treatment that is the best suited for you.

Her 4 in 1 Kinesiology treatment, depending on client's needs may include:

1. Kinesiology assessment (knowledge for western and oriental medicine for whole body including energetic body)

2. Naturopathic assessment (Naturopathic diagnosis and treatment strategies)

3. Homeopathic case history taking (understanding person as a whole)

4. Beauty therapy (relaxation massage, inner and outer beauty treatment plan)

Jason is specialised in counseling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy that helps you understand your distressing thoughts, feelings and behaviors, as well as give you the tools to know yourself better.  

His soul psychotherapy will guide you to understand your soul and life story.

This is achieved by accessing your unconscious mind and discovering your higher self and purpose in life through clinical hypnosis and narrative therapy.

As Jason (Australian-Western) and Yuki (Japanese-Eastern) are husband (Yang) and wife (Yin); we work together to bring balanced energy and a new perspective into our practice. 

More detail regarding our unique treatments can be found at 'our treatment' page, where you will find the best treatment option for you.

Make an appointment with us, and start your alchemy soul journey!

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Four Seasons Wellness Centre

 Room 3, 305 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067




Four Seasons Wellness Centre

 Room 3, 305 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067

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