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Due to the Government's  decision to close all Non-Essential services, we have to temporary stop providing face to face Kinesiology and Couselling sessions.

Alternatively, we started an online consultation to support the community to stay healthy and  promote emotional well-being.

Please click 'Book an Appointment' below and select online sessions.

We have set the lowest price possible to support people during this difficult time.

Alchemy Healing Kinesiology provides non-medical holistic health care services; Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Counselling and Soul Psychotherapy.

We focus on treating the person as a whole at three levels, the body, mind and soul.

Also we treat the root of the problem rather than controlling and suppressing symptoms, as we believe almost all symptoms are a sign from the body and subconscious mind.

We have a special interest in mental health care to complement the current psychiatric treatments that includes  medication to control undesirable symptoms or behavior.

We, at Alchemy Healing have a great understanding and compassion to support people with eating disorder, addictions, depression and/or anxiety stemming from our own experiences. We know medication is not the only solution, which can be harmful in the long term.

We will find the best solution with you  and work for the best future for you.

And we are happy to work with other medical professionals, as we can complement each other.

As Yuki is qualified and trained as a Naturopath, Homeopath and Kinesiologist, she will consider various aspects of your body including mind and soul, and customise a treatment that is the best suited for you. 

She uses Kinesiology technique to find what is happening in your body and the stress that disturbs your vital force (life energy) and innate healing power. Then once she identifies the root of the problem, Yuki will select a healing tool including the use of: nutrition, herbs, flower essence and homeopthy, crystal, sound and colour healing, balance and optimise brain function, chakra and energetic flow and so on.

Jason is specialised in counseling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy that helps you understand your distressing thoughts, feelings and behaviours, as well as gives you the tools to know yourself better.  His soul psychotherapy will guide you to understand your soul and life as a story.  This process will help you to find your life purpose that plays a crucial role in your recovery process for: depression, anxiety, personality disorders, as well as recovering from addiction, sleep paralysis, nightmares and eating disorders.

Soul psychotherapy compliments well with Kinesiology as it works with the body and mind. Also Naturopathy can help and support neuro-chemical imbalance and nutritional deficiency that often seen and found in many mental illnesses.

Based on your physical and psychological conditions, we evaluate the best treatment options available for you.

Let us know how we can help you and we'll make sure you receive the best treatment for you, and your family.

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Four Seasons Wellness Centre

 Room 3, 305 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067