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Holistic treatments for the Body, the Mind and  the Soul


Alchemy Healing + Holistic therapies provides holistic health care services; Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Holistic

Counselling and Soul Psychotherapy.

We are qualified practitioners specialised in mental health care support and recovery.

Our holistic way of treatment is focused on a person's whole life to be harmonised.

( 英文の後に日本語での説明があります。)

Our passion is Body and Mind medicine that enables us to understand the meaning of illness and/or symptoms.

As we are alternative medicine practitioners, we offer non-drug treatments that are safe for anyone at any age, yet still effective enough to change person's life in a positive way.

Yuki is an holistic therapist qualified and trained as a Naturopath, Homeopath, Beauty therapist and Kinesiology practitioner.

As she has personal experience of an eating disorder, she has a great understanding and compassion to the person with an eating disorder.

She is a certified practitioner at The Australian Centre for Eating Disorders, supporting recovery of eating disorders and clients with weight conflict.

Jason is a teacher of mental health and alcohol and other drug addictions at TAFE Melbourne Polytechnic.

He also does mental health counselling, psychotherapies and hypnotherapy which treats the cause of problems rather than repress or just changing behaviors/thoughts/beliefs.

Here below is how we treat the person in a holistic way.   

  • Kinesiology uses the  muscle as a  bio-feedback tool to gain the answer from the body.      It identify the cause of imbalances and stress within the body and mind, even finds out what treatment required for the person.  Our Kinesiology is a vibrational healing method that treats the person at subtle/energetic levels adjusting vibration of human bio-field (called Aura) and energetic flow within the body (Chakra and Meridian) in a balanced state. 

  • Naturopathy is a holistic natural medicine using herbs, nutritional supplements, flower essence and homeopathy to help us to create harmony with our body and mind.

We are offering naturopathic medicine in our daily life to support physical, mental and emotional health.

  • Holistic counselling is not only talk-therapy but also gaining insight from conversation and provoking self-awareness. It  will help a person understand themselves and their whole aspect of life. Also we guide them to the best future for the each person.

  • Soul psychotherapy is an integrated body and mind therapy that uses various techniques to guide the person to their true healing journey.

We often use clinical hypnosis, imaginary work, art therapy and life story therapies as a way to uncover the unconscious mind and life patterns that are inhibiting a person from their true self.

Our signature treatment, Kakusei Soul Alchemy Healing includes all treatments above, but more focus on subtle bodies (chakra, aura/energetic fields).

Use of sound therapy, visualisation and clinical hypnosis that guides you to deeper unconscious level to gain insight from your soul.

We have found that most disorders and addictions have an underlying trauma.

Trauma is an emotional energy stored in the body and mind, that needs to be released and accepted. Trauma can be caused by an emotionally stressful event, or a life changing event that hasn't been resolved.

Trauma could make you feel stuck, unusual stress response, avoidance behavior, and low self esteem. 

Also maintains a negative state of mind and body such as : chronic stiffness around the body, eating disorders, obesity/weight gain, anxiety, addiction, depression and digestive problems.

Therefore it is important for a person to be aware of how their trauma affects their body and mind.

This can include removing shame and guilt and acceptance the trauma has caused.

This can lead a person to forgiveness, to move forward with their life, feeling motivated, energised, confident, calm and clarity of mind.

Before we can incorporate our higher selves and future goals it is important to understand what is blocking us from our true selves.

Therefore Kakusei Soul Alchemy Healing combines all the treatments to guide you to your higher self.

We are husband and wife therapists working together both speaking English and Japanese, in Australia and Japan .

We offer treatments face to face therapy and online sessions, and sharing our passion via online seminar and workshops.

More details regarding our unique treatments can be found at 'Our treatment' page, where you will find the best treatment option for you.


Make an appointment with us, and start your alchemy soul journey!



Body and Mind Medicineを用いることで、体と心の症状をメッセージとしてとらえその声を聴くこと、見えないけど感じるといった症状まで理解することができます。


  • キネシオロジーは代替療法の一つで、筋肉反射テスト使い、体や潜在意識のメッセージを言語化して、その人合った方法を使って心と体のつながりのバランスを取ります。

  • ナチュロパシーは、自然療法と呼ばれるホリスティック医療です。自然との調和を目的に、不自然な状態になった原因を治療します。ハーブ、栄養素、フラワーエッセンス、ホメオパシーレメディーを使ったり、生活習慣、食事指導などで、誰もが持つ自然に治す力、自然治癒力を高めて症状を改善していきます。

  • ホリスティック心理カウンセリングは従来のカウンセリングに加えて、コーチングのように、クライアントさんの生活スタイルや性格などに合わせたゴールを設定して、人生全体をその方のベストな状態へ導くことを目的としています。

  • ソウルサイコセラピーは人間を魂のレベルで理解するための心理療法で、心と体をその人本来のあり方、魂の求める方向へ導いていく助けをします。

  • 私たち2人で行う覚醒ソウルアルケミーヒーリングはこれらをすべて融合したセラピーです。























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Feedback We’ve Received

Clients are Valuable to Us

What our clients say is extremely important to us, which is why we value their feedback. That is why Alchemy Healing Holistic Therapies is so invested in making sure our clients are happy with all of the health treatments and services we offer. Take a look at what our past clients have said about us and schedule your appointment today.
( Photos are used from for privacy reasons)

Woman in Yellow

My session with Yuki and Jason at Alchemy Healing enabled me to gain insight and release internal blockages that my body was holding onto from past experiences.

I love the holistic approach to the treatment and Yuki suggests an original remedy which helps me to hold the vibration of the session.

Yuki and Jason create a safe space, communicating in a way that I can understand.

I would highly recommend Alchemy Healing treatment to all and look forward to my next experience.

Dita  (Yoga Teacher, Sales Manager)

Elegant Female

I couldn't believe how much Yuki and Jason were able to tell me about myself just from their practices!

Yuki opened my eyes to things about myself that I didn't realise I was holding onto.

It's been a week since my appointment with them, and I have made positive changes to my life, thanks to both of them, who were able to recognise the pain within my body and my mind and give advice on ways I can let go of that pain.

An alternative practice than I am used to, but if you are ready to try something different I recommend Yuki and Jason.

Monique (Manager)

Mature Businessman

Sessions in Kinesiology and hypnotherapy went well.

I really enjoyed and felt relaxed by way of hearing sound of the tuning fork in Kinesiology.

Very Calm, spiritual and powerful.

It took me to the place that I most prefer to be in this current situation namely the Temple.

Then the next thing, receiving  hypnotherapy was a my first hand experience.

It took me back to my childhood and places that I have had a positive memory.

I believe I gained energy, confidence and my tennis game is significantly improving.

I would recommend it to my network, friends for sure.

 I give the service Five stars!

Patrick (Mental Health Worker)

Male Portrait

Yuki and Jason where both very professional.
I was really surprised about how accurately Yuki was attune with me. The Hypnotherpay was very relaxing and comfortable. The most I've been relaxed a long time.
I recommend trying it

Steve (Health Care Worker)

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