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Alchemy Healing Therapists


Relationship Counselling and Alternative Treatments

Alchemy Healing Holistic Therapies

will help improve your relationships,

emotional well-being and

personal development.

We are a team of practitioners in Counselling,

Psychotherapy, Kinesiology,

Naturopathy and Hypnotherapy,

and trained in Couples therapy.


We offer the best care and support

for your well-being.

Our passion is using Body and Mind techniques

to help couples and individuals

understand their patterns

and behaviours.

Our emotions and memories

are not only stored

in the mind

but also our bodies.

Jason is a certified counsellor, trained couples counsellor

and psychotherapist, registered with

PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia)

and a full member of the

Australian Society of Hypnosis

as a practicing clinical hypnotherapist.


Yuki is Alternative Medicine Practitioner,

a qualified Naturopath,

Kinesiologist and Beauty Therapist.

Kinesiology uses the  muscle as a  bio-feedback tool 

to gain the answer from the body.     

It identifies the cause of imbalances

and stress within the body and mind,

even finds out what treatment is

 required for the person. 

We offer treatments face to face therapy

and online sessions by Zoom,

and sharing our passion

via online seminar and workshops.

More details regarding our unique treatments

can be found at 'Our treatment' page,

where you will find

the best treatment option for you.


Make an appointment with us,




Clients are Valuable to Us

What our clients say is extremely important to us, which is why we value their feedback. That is why Alchemy Healing Holistic Therapies is so invested in making sure our clients are happy with all of the health treatments and services we offer. Take a look at what our past clients have said about us and schedule your appointment today.

( Photos are used from for privacy reasons)

Woman in Yellow

My session with Yuki and Jason at Alchemy Healing enabled me to gain insight and release internal blockages that my body was holding onto from past experiences.

I love the holistic approach to the treatment and Yuki suggests an original remedy which helps me to hold the vibration of the session.

Yuki and Jason create a safe space, communicating in a way that I can understand.

I would highly recommend Alchemy Healing treatment to all and look forward to my next experience.

Dita  (Yoga Teacher, Sales Manager)


Elegant Female

I couldn't believe how much Yuki and Jason were able to tell me about myself just from their practices!

Yuki opened my eyes to things about myself that I didn't realise I was holding onto.

It's been a week since my appointment with them, and I have made positive changes to my life, thanks to both of them, who were able to recognise the pain within my body and my mind and give advice on ways I can let go of that pain.

An alternative practice than I am used to, but if you are ready to try something different I recommend Yuki and Jason.

Monique (Manager)


Mature Businessman

Sessions in Kinesiology and hypnotherapy went well.

I really enjoyed and felt relaxed by way of hearing sound of the tuning fork in Kinesiology.

Very Calm, spiritual and powerful.

It took me to the place that I most prefer to be in this current situation namely the Temple.

Then the next thing, receiving  hypnotherapy was a my first hand experience.

It took me back to my childhood and places that I have had a positive memory.

I believe I gained energy, confidence and my tennis game is significantly improving.

I would recommend it to my network, friends for sure.

 I give the service Five stars!

Patrick (Mental Health Worker)

Male Portrait

Yuki and Jason were both very professional.

I was really surprised about how accurately Yuki was attune with me. The Hypnotherpay was very relaxing and comfortable. The most I've been relaxed a long time.

I recommend trying it

Steve (Health Care Worker)

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